What the Bible Says about Abortion

January 22, 2017 – Senior Pastor: Steve Pearson

Often people say things like, “The Bible doesn’t say anything about Abortion, and therefore women have a right to choose what they do with their own bodies.” This is a favorite argument especially from politicians who want to keep Abortion legal.

Audio:  What the Bible Says About Abortion


Outline:  01-22-17 What the Bible Says about Abortion

Tracks of Death

January 25, 2015 – Senior Pastor: Steve Pearson

Last Thursday was the forty-second anniversary of the Roe Vs Wade decision that made abortion legal in America. Since that time millions of lives have been changed, and millions of people have suffered painful consequences through Abortion.

Abortion – The Moral Issue of Our Day

January 19, 2014 – Senior Pastor: Steve Pearson

Abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby. The long range impact of abortion to our Nation is unimaginable. This is a dark, destructive, and demonic assault on all that is good.